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Political System

The Spanish Constitution was approved by the Spanish parlament on October 31, 1978, ratified by national referendum on December 6th 1978 (National Holiday of Constitution Day).

The Constitution contains the basic principles of the political system and it is the supreme rule of the Spanish legal system.

Spain is defined by Constitution as a social, democratic and law-abiding country whose sovereignty belongs to the Spanish people.

The politic form of the Spanish State is the Parliamentary Monarchy.  The King is the Head of State and exercises only the functions expressly attributed to him by the Constitution and the laws.

The country is divided in 17 Autonomous Communities, each with its own Parliament and Government. Even though the Constitution defines Spain as unitary and indissoluble it also recognizes and guarantees the principle of autonomy of nationalities and regions.Even though, Spain is legally a central country, the foreing investor will find the myriad of levels of administrations in Spain very similar to those on a federal country as the United States.

In this way, Spain has three different levels of government.

  • Central Government
  • Autonomous Communities Government
  • City Government