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IDs for non resident investors incorporating or purchasing a company.
The procedures to be followed to obtain a taxpayer identification number (NIF) for directors not resident in Spain are as follows:
1.  if the director is a legal entity, the procedure,  consists of filing a specific form along with certain documentation with the competent authorities, which will allocate a provisional number automatically. Once the company has been registered at the Mercantile Registry, a definitive taxpayer identification number
should be obtained within a maximum of six months from obtainment of the provisional number;
2.  if the director is an individual, he/she must apply for an alien identification number (NIE), which will also be his/her taxpayer identification number, in one of the following two ways:
—In Spain. At the Police Station (Immigration Section). A special or general power of attorney to your lawyer will be required for each of the directors and must be duly notarized, certified by apostille or legalized, as appropriate, if they cannot appear in person.
—Abroad. A NIE can be applied for at Spanish Diplomatic Missions 
or Consular Offices.
In order to obtain a taxpayer identification number for the company’s shareholder(s) beforehand, the specific form must be filed with the competent authorities (where the shareholder is a legal entity) or an application made for an alien identification number (where the shareholder is an individual).
Throughout the process, the represented shareholder(s) and/or directors must grant sufficient powers of attorney in order to take the above steps.