Spanish companies hope for stimulus cash

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Spanish officials are making efforts to get a portion of the U.S. stimulus money  for Spanish companies.

El Economista picks the visit (here in Spanish) of Prince Felipe of Spain and the Spanish Minister of Industry, Miguel Sebastian,  to New York. The Obama Adminsitration has pledged to spend an important portion of stimulus money to  renewable energies. Spain is the world leader in the windmill industry.


La Vanguardia reports on the story too.



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Domino's Pizza to arrive to Spanish Market

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El Economista reports on a near completed deal (here in spanish) between the main franchisee of Pizza Hut in Spain, the company Zena,  and Domino's Pizza to rebrand all their 104 restaurants in Spain with Domino's blue, red and white colors.

Domino's has gone unoticed until now in the Spanish market and Zenais a leading franchise group in Spain with restaurants of Pizza Hut,Hollywood Foster's (American styled diners)  and Cañas y Tapas (Urban tapas bars).

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Garzon misreported NYU income

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The International Herald Tribune picks this story today (here). Judge Garzon took a leave for study on 2004 and left for NYU. He was awarded a salary at NYU considerably higher than his usual salary in Spain (which he cashed at the same time because his leave was for study, not for working). 

The story has caught the attention of various media outlets because Baltasar Garzon is investigating regional political bosses  of Spain's Partido Popular for accepting gifts that amounted several times less than his NYU sallary.  Garzon run for Congress in 1993 for Partido Socialista, Partido Popular's long time opponent.

Garzon is internationally famous for the high profile cases he oversees including an attempt to extradite Augusto Pinochet from the UK to judge him in Spain.

In order to host a series of lectures on various subjects hosted by  Garzon, NYU received a gift of €300,000 from Banco Santander. Garon had several cases on his docket against Banco Santander. 

Criminal charges against Garzon had been dropped. He could face disciplinary measures from the relevant disciplinary authority for misreporting his double income.

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Sole proprietorships

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Our first article on business structures in Spain is up and running.  Sole Proprietorship offers us a clear explanation on the advantages and disadvantages of this structure. Go and check it!

And, please be aware, a Sole Propiertorship puts all your personal assets at stake when facing difficulties. Personal bankrucpty is extravagant in Spain. 




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Taxes for individuals

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Thinking about moving to Spain? Being transfered to the Madrid office? ....

Start learning your facts about how Spain taxes individuals at  "Individuals" under "Pay your taxes"

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