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After a six month period, we are back online. Very interesting contents have been added to our site. We feel that most of the information on establishing base in Spain is there. You go find it! Probably once we have every content that we like in place, we will change the site design. Everything we'll be in place but we pimp everything up. 


We are considering several different ways to interact to you such us this blog. Do you think we should use twitter/buzz too? Any suggestions?? 

Last Updated ( Monday, 15 February 2010 10:25 )

CCM, a Castille Savings Bank seized by the Central Bank.

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The New York Times  (here) has picked the story of Caja Castilla La Mancha. A lot of bad assets and bad lending decisions seemed to have lead to the current situation.

This is the first banking seize of Spain in the current recession. 

Also, if you are up for a $2M white castle in costa del sol, NYT has one for you. 


Last Updated ( Monday, 15 February 2010 10:19 )

Krugman on Spain

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Nobel Price and New York Times Op-ed Columnist Paul Krugman wrote about Spain  (here) on January 19th. It does not make the news today but Spainlaw.net is still a toodler. 

 Krguman thinks Spain's own real estate bubble burst was worse than Florida's and that one of the few things Spanish goverment can do is try to reduce wages. I think wages in Spain are really low as is. 

He goes on to say that workers do not move from distressed regions to those with better prospects in Europe. I agree with Krugman on this one.  Based on my experience, regular folks in Spain do not move fetching a better job, period. 

What is your own experience about workers mobility? What's going on in your country for other people. 

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 15 June 2010 16:07 )

BAA drags Ferrovial shares down.

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Expansion.com reports (here in Spanish) on the looses of Ferrovial in the Madrid market and its relation with the adverse decision of the British competition authorithy forcing to sell Gatwick, Stansted and one of their Scottish airports.

The market is uncertain about whether Ferrovial's BAA (here BAA's version in English) can get a fair price.

Last Updated ( Monday, 23 March 2009 18:32 )

Thinking about a Spanish branch?

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A new Choose your Structure section is up: In Branch you will find useful information in deciding whether opening a branch of your non-Spanish company suits you.

 Do not get us wrong. We don't think a branch is the best structure or good for all  -neither we think that of a sole proprietorship. But there are situations when opening  a branch will be advisable ranging  from regulated markets as banking to short term projects of your company in Spain.  In any case, visiting your local lawyer is the easiest and safest way to see which structure is the right  for you.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 19 March 2009 08:52 )
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